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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions



We allow for three evaluations to be taken at once with a total funding amount of up to $600,000.

Yes, however we do not permit hedging between accounts.

Yes our program allows for weekend and overnight holding of trades.




Once you pass the evaluation, you can follow the prompts in your Evaluation pass email and get your live funded account right away. Our team will separately reach out to you to get your contract signed using Deel.


When you become a live trader with us, you are legally contracted to our business and a part of the team! As such we use Deel as our remote workforce management tool to contract you to our prop firm and payout your earnings.

We have a 25% consistency rule meaning that at the end of your evaluation or live funded trading period, each trade can have no more than 25% of the total profit earned. We are after strategies that earn across multiple trades and do not concentrate profits and risks on few positions.

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